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12 Drams: #5 Peat Fire Fizz (~54.0%)

This all-malt blend has been created by the Maltiply guys from 6 peated whiskies, coming from Islay, Jura and the Highlands. We felt it had the earthy, smokeyness of a peat fire, whilst tending towards a fizzy finish – hence the name!

Day 5: Peat Fire Fizz - Peat Malt Blend
Day 5: Peat Fire Fizz – Peat Malt Blend

We’d really love to hear what you think of this dram, either by commenting below or getting in touch on Twitter via @MaltiplyWhisky.



  1. Ali Maltiply

    Here are my notes:

    Nose: A newly painted shed, a pack of frazzles and a tangerine

    Taste: Sweet ‘n peat, medicinal and somewhat creamy

    Finish: Super fizz! Lingering smoke and faint liquorice

  2. May as well add my tuppenceworth too!

    N: An old fire on a beach, toffee, seawater
    T: Drying, syrup, peaty cereal, weird sweets
    F: A gentle hot sauce, a disused tobacco pipe

    A liked this, but think one of the other peaty ones might eclipse it later in the 12 days…

  3. Saskia Read

    Nose: mmm at last a smokey one. Underneath the smoke is a hint of cough sweets (eucalyptus?)

    Taste: Minty fresh.

    Finish: long. Freshly-roasted sugared almonds from the Christmas market.

    Score: 7.8