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12 Drams: #10 Kilkerran Cask Strength (55.7%)

Kilkerran, made at the Glengyle distllery, exists partially to ensure Campbeltown is recognised as a Scotch whisky region. After a series of ‘work in progress’ releases, its first standard bottling, a 12 year old, came out over a year ago. This 8 year old cask strength release continues Kilkerran’s 100% hit-rate.

Day 10: Kilkerran Cask Strength 2017
Day 10: Kilkerran Cask Strength 2017

More info can be found for this bottle on WhiskyBase.

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  1. Ali Maltiply

    Here are my notes:

    Nose: a little earth, some citrus fruit (lemon?) and strawberry Fruitellas

    Taste: Plenty of citrus fruit! Cookie dough. It has a slightly savoury edge, perhaps some delicate mushrooms

    F: A long lemon and pepper finish

  2. Giles

    Quite a light colour on this one.

    Nose: grassy, apples and Parma violets.

    Taste: rather gloppy mouthfeel (a good thing), lime, cough syrup and mild spice.

    This one’s another shape-shifter, seems to taste quite different every sip. Not my favourite though TBH.

  3. This was a bit more of a challenge than I expected, I found it hard to pin down flavours but I enjoyed its sweet / dry balance:

    Nose: Smoky cooking apples, sprouting seeds, tarred wood
    Taste: Plum jam, dried apricots, lovely balance of sweetness and dryness, cherry Tunes
    Finish: Exotic herbs, fizzy cherry