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12 Drams: #2 Glencadam Dram Collection (65.9%)

From the (relatively) recently relaunched Glencadam distillery, this young Highland malt is definitely starting to show its bourbon cask influence. At 65.9% it really packs a punch!

Day 2: Glencadam  Dram Collection 2011/2017
Day 2: Glencadam Dram Collection 2011/2017. Photo © Caminneci

More info can be found for this bottle on WhiskyBase.

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  1. Ali Maltiply

    Here are my notes:

    Nose: A definite acidity, with lemon and white wine notes. And custard, which somehow actually smells thick.

    Taste: Oof, really fizzy, yum! Lemon sherbet and candy floss.

    Finish: It’s tingly. There’s lemon (and lime) peel bitterness, and a hint of ash.

  2. Giles

    Nose: grassy, apples & limes.

    Taste: POW! Popping candy and lemon sherbet.

    Finish: extremely long with sweetness fading to heat.

    Enjoyed in Dublin airport departure lounge, watching a couple who are very angry because they missed their flight.

  3. Cheers Giles, good to hear your thoughts. Definitely agree a bout the sweetness and heat – here’s what I went for:

    You can smell the youthfulness, but it’s sweet & fruity with big pear drops / esters. The taste really accentuates these nasal thoughts – cherries, spiced pears and chili jam – it’s a little bit raw, but the cask has had a good impact creating some fruity fun!

  4. Saskia & Friends

    Nose: Battenburg, fermenting fruit, bananas (and banana syrup). Pineapple ice cream – tastes like yellow!
    Taste: Caribbean white rum, quite harp, tropical fruit – a ‘beach whisky’. Acid reflux, but more creamy with water.
    Finish: Sherbert, rice vinegar, BBQ charred wood, salty.

    Went down well, with some interesting flavours – scored roughly 6.8/10