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12 Drams: #12 Umami Down Under – Rich Malt Blend (53.0%)

We made this blend to create a rich flavour – combining Highland and Speyside malts with a little something special from Tasmania. We chose the whiskies based on making a full-flavoured dram, eventually settling on 5 different whiskies – we hope you like it!

Day 12: Umami Down Under - Rich Malt Blend
Day 12: Umami Down Under – Rich Malt Blend

We’d really love to hear what you think of this dram, either by commenting below or getting in touch on Twitter via @MaltiplyWhisky.



  1. Here are my notes:

    Nose: Candy floss and hot toffee, burnt milk, you can’t argue there’s some sherry cask in here!

    Taste: Oh wow, it’s citrusy and lively – with a sherry background. It’s not quite PX sherry, but a sweet one – oranges, basil! Angostura bitters and cream soda.

    Finish: Drying, slightly fizzy and tongue tingling. Plums!

  2. Giles

    Very sad to see the end of the set, it has been phenomenal. Thanks for all the work that went into selecting, blending and packaging the sets – I’ve REALLY enjoyed it.

    Nose: acetone and icing sugar.

    Taste: tangerines to start, transforming into something like Irish stew (?). This is pretty wild.

    Finish: mad sour.

    A pretty belting blend there – kudos for not going OTT with the Tasmanian whisky, it’s powerful stuff.

  3. Ali Maltiply

    This is as tasty as I remember it being.
    Nose: Figs, crayons, and a swimming pool
    Taste: Rich toffee then tastes like an old fashioned
    Finish: Savoury, marmalade

  4. Saskia Read

    The final dram, finally!

    Nose: Apple cider vinegar, rum and raisin icecream
    Taste: mmm, I like it. Wether’s Original but creamier.
    Finish: Longish. Pear schnapps.