12 Drams of Christmas

Welcome to the 12 Drams of Christmas! We’ve spent a lot of time choosing these whiskies and creating the sets, so it’s about time we explained what’s what. Click the relevant links to the day of the whisky and you’ll find out a whole heap more about the bottle, why we chose it and what we think of it. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays…



12 Drams of Christmas - Bottling Line
12 Drams of Christmas – Bottling Line

If you want to get in touch, then send us a tweet @MaltiplyWhisky, comment below or send us your thoughts on each day’s whisky page. We’ll be tasting them with you 🙂
NB All the packaging is recyclable and if you return the bottles to us, you’ll get a £2 refund!



  1. Now we’ve completed the 12 drams, what was your favourite? I think I’d have to go for #6 (Amrut) as I loved its floral peatiness and exotic location (and it’s very good value, if bought on the continent). I also really enjoyed #11 (Dramfool Lagavulin), #4 (SMWS Glenburgie) and the Hogmanay dram (Speyside 21yo).

    Thanks everyone for participating – was great fun!

  2. Giles

    It’s all over. I really enjoyed the selection of whiskies; I felt there were a nice mix of flavours, as well as a mix of Indy bottles, OB’s, home made blends etc. I hadn’t tried any of these before (apart from the amrut cask strength), so it was a real treat to try something new every day.

    If you were doing it again, I would really just say more of the same. I’d maybe add in a couple of whiskies with odd finishes, or more international whiskies for variety.

    My only criticism of the set was that I never figured out what the piece of string is for. I’m guessing that it’s like an adventure game and the purpose will become clear later.

    Thanks for putting these together; I hope you do another one sometime.