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12 Drams: #11 Dramfool Avian Gull 8yo (59.2%)

A recent bottling from the newly-founded Dramfool series. As the name on this bottle is an anagram of Lagavulin, it’s pretty safe to say this is from that distillery. Bourbon cask, and a great example of a youngish Islay peaty dram.

Day 12: Dramfool Avian Gull 8yo
Day 12: Dramfool Avian Gull 8yo

More info can be found for this bottle on WhiskyBase.

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  1. Here are my notes:

    Nose: Old cupboards

    Taste: Sweet, but drying – sour petals, slightly creamy in the background. A light peat too, but floral at the same time.

    Finish: It’s quite tongue-coating, hangs around for a while – a very faint bit of lime pickle too.

  2. Ali Maltiply

    Nose: Extra strong mints, hay bales, pot pourri
    Taste: Initially sweet, a fruity tang, cream soda
    Finish: Ye olde atomic fireballs, with the sugar removed