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12 Drams: #4 SMWS 71.43 (65.0%)

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) sherry cask bottles are getting rarer, but this one is a nice intro a young, sherried example from a rarely-bottled distillery. A key component in Ballentine’s blends, it’s great to taste this single malt on its own.

Day 4: SMWS 71.43 Glenburgie 9yo
Day 4: SMWS 71.43 Glenburgie 9yo

More info can be found for this bottle on WhiskyBase.

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  1. Here are my notes:

    Nose: So sweet – caramel & fudge, just what you’d expect from a giving sherry cask – mint toffees (but not everton mints)

    Taste: Oh wow, it’s way more complex than you might think with few of the smells involved – an exotic tart/sweetness combo – it’s great! Big herby flavours – maybe coriander? Mustard seeds! ancient, stored cooking apples.

    Finish: Makes the mouth go all funny – am taking sips after it’s left my mouth – a lack of spice, Slivovice.

  2. Giles

    Nose: hot cross buns, orange pith & Horlicks.

    Taste: complete sherry meltdown. Goes from wood varnish to orange to chilli heat.

    Finish: HOT.

    Really love this whisky.

  3. Ali Maltiply

    This is tremendous.
    N: White chocolate, orange, and olbas oil
    T: Boiled sweets, turning sour. Roasted bramley apples.
    F: Light aniseed, fresh chili

  4. Huw

    Definitely got the spice with this one – found it quite sharp and lemony to taste, but mellowed out with water. Solid doing the washing up before end of holidays pick me up dram..

  5. Saskia Read

    Nose: coke-floats (slightly effervescent?), wood (like opening the drawer of an old wooden desk), lemon peel

    Taste: Yum. Good balance of sweet and salty. Something with a bit of a bite – ginger, maybe?

    Finish: blackberry liqueur. Long.

    Score: 7.9