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12 Drams: #9 Tomatin RMW 11yo (58.3%)

This Tomatin was so unusual we had to include it. Ostensibly a classic sherry cask whisky, this has incredible hidden depths of flavour and seems to change with every sip.

Day 9: Tomatin RMW 11yo 2006
Day 9: Tomatin RMW 11yo 2006

More info can be found for this bottle on Royal Mile Whiskies.

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  1. Ali Maltiply

    Here are my notes:

    Nose: On a second pass it’s totally pancakes and maple syrup, although it didn’t seem to be there first time. Plus a hint of eucalyptus oil.

    Taste: At first the sweetness hits, but then it turns quite bitter. Really rich, sherry sulphur rubberiness!

    Finish: Coffee and walnut cake

  2. Giles

    Nose: not massively smelly, slightly floral, pineapple maybe, toffees.

    Taste; really nice, surprisingly subtle sherry flavours. Starts with metallic back of mouth flavours, before shifting to wood and chocolate, finally ramping up to a gently spicy lingering finish.

    Yes mate.

  3. I’m still not sure if I like this or not, but was interesting!

    Nose: Massive maple syrup, burnt caramel, old pears
    Taste: Oh wow, so dry – it’s like licking a dusty cupboard! Very woody, with a dry sherry influence that I normally enjoy – jury’s out for this one.
    Finbish: Like a bee sting

  4. Saskia Read

    Nose: Apple Sourz and sticky toffee pudding. White chocolate.
    Taste: pine air freshener. Quite bitter.
    Finish: Tesco’s own brand toothpaste. Medium.

    Score: 5.8

  5. Huw

    not much on the nose for me (but I do have a bit of a cold)

    liked the taste – i got honey and raisins

    finish reminded me of of the smws “whiskey flavoured condoms” bottle I once bought