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The Rolling of the Ball

The title perhaps sounds more fun and mysterious than this post, but we needed to get the ball rolling for our new website, so we went to the SMWS Vaults in Edinburgh to do a little test on our tastebuds. And what better place to get started than a selection of old and rare drams they’d put out for the night at discounted prices?

The Challenge

We devised a quick game. Two Rosebanks, one 20yo and one 22yo, both bourbon cask and from a similar distillation period. The question was this:

Can we identify the older whisky blind?

Pretty simple. Without trying them beforehand, we’d each go in blind to both whiskies and see if we can pick out the older one. That’s not a simple process, but as they’re from the same distillery and from a similar time, one might taste 2 years further on than the other… maybe…

So to make things fair, once we’ve nosed and tasted both whiskies, how would we perform with this follow up test?

Can we then re-identify one of the whiskies we’ve just sampled?

Two textbook tests to get the site started. And potentially an indicator of our nasal and oral dexterity.


Rosebanks SMWS 25.65 & SMWS 25.50
This is how we fared in task #1 (..badly)

Rosebank 22yo SMWS 25.65

Rosebank 20yo SMWS 25.50

sshhh! review

What did we learn?