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12 Drams: #7 Speyside 21yo 1996/2017 (61.7%)

A firecracker dram for Hogmanay, we reckon this sherry cask speyside (from the Speyside distillery, no less) is an ideal way to bring in the new year.

Day 7: Cadenhead's Speyside 21yo 1996
Day 7: Cadenhead’s Speyside 21yo 1996

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  1. Ali Maltiply

    Here are my notes:

    Nose: Wow, an incredibly intense nose. There’s toffee and marshmallow, and also grape juice from the sherry.

    Taste: Mulling spices – cloves and spicy orange. Caramel.

    Finish: A classic sherry cask finish- long, dry and nutty.

  2. Happy Hogmanay everyone! My thoughts below…

    Nose: Lovely sweet sherry scents mixed with chippy chips in newspaper. An older gentleman’s cologne.
    Taste: oh wow, big curry vibes! Then unusual fruit, like a pulpy citrus thing, kinda like what I thought a dragon fruit would taste like. Really interesting – a big load of cask action, and quite exotic too!
    Finish: XXX exotica, spicy zest.

  3. Saskia

    Nose: pineapple and tinned peaches
    Taste: Mazowe orange and vodka – the morning after the night before.
    Finish: Couldn’t get much, felt quite short and salty.
    Score: 7.4