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12 Drams: #3 Cadenhead’s Live Cask – Highland (56.2%)

Cadenhead’s live casks are essentially ongoing cask strength blends of various things from a particular region. As such, they vary from batch to batch, and so are always an interesting option- but once they’re gone they’re gone! We thought the Highland cask fit particularly well into the 12 drams set, but get down there and try the Cambeltown and Islay casks if you can.

Day 3: Cadenhead's Highland Live Cask
Day 3: Cadenhead’s Highland Live Cask

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  1. Ali Maltiply

    Here are my notes:

    Nose: Something of the seaside, and green apples

    Taste: Sweet biscuits at first, and rich cereal subsiding into apple again

    Finish: Cut grass, black pepper and I think the apples are still lingering!

    • I enjoyed this, but thought it was quite hard to place – nose, taste and finish were all quite different – be intrigued to know which malts were in this…

      N: Light, with subtle herbs. White sugar.
      T: Slightly sour, a little bitter maybe – like an unidentifiable medicine. Cherry pie.
      F: Thai spices

  2. Saskia & Friends

    Nose: Milk chocolate, a squeaky old barn door. Buttery / melted butter on popcorn. Old man whisky.
    Taste: Like a distinguished old man (take that how you will), burnt butterscotch. Treacle burnt onto a tin, Werther’s Original. With water: bitter & herby.
    Finish: Slow to start – full on – then quickly fades.

    This was generally agreed to be the best of the first 3, with scores hovering around 7.2/10