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12 Drams: #1 Springbank 9yo Sauternes (57.1%)

Springbank Society is a group you can join to gain access to exclusive Springbank bottlings, and this is one of them. Interestingly, this one is bottled in a Sauternes cask – a youthful whisky, but we reckon the cask might have a decent influence… see what you think!

Day 1: Springbank Society -  Springbank 9yo Sauternes Cask
Day 1: Springbank Society – Springbank 9yo Sauternes Cask

More info can be found for this bottle on WhiskyBase.

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  1. Here are my notes:

    Nose: A slight hint of chlorine and Echinacea, woody & sweet

    Taste: A nice dose of sulphur, metallic limes, a floral arrangement and a delicious richness – but tarter than you might expect

    Finish: it’s old wood and toothpaste on nettles

  2. Giles

    Nose: slightly piney, honey & vanilla

    Taste: Super-winey, fading to peach and grape.

    Finish: long, spicy and fruity.

    A solid 8, this is delicious!!!

    Also, the 30ml drams look properly satisfying in these mini glencairn glasses.

    Happy Christmas everyone! Giles

  3. Ali Maltiply

    Think it smells *really* juicy, definitely a lot of spicy tartness on the taste. Interestingly I feel like some of the Springbank character is dominated by the cask.

  4. Saskia & Friends

    Nose: Boozy Christmas pudding, “smells like Lidl to me”. With water: musty, like damp washing, old boots.
    Taste: Wooph – not what I was expecting. The smell was more promising than the taste. Alcohol-soaked fruits – ripe for the season (Christmassy)!
    Finish: Short to medium – a hop and a skip. Lemons / a lemon soaked in mulled wine. Soap.

    General scores for this were ~ 6/10, the nose was the best bit.