Edinburgh Whisky Tastings: Calendar

We collate as many whisky events happening in Edinburgh as we can into one handy calendar – The Edinburgh Whisky Tastings – never miss a beat dram with the Edinburgh Whisky Calendar! Add it to your online calendar using this iCal URL (if you import via URL it will always be up-to-date, you only need to add it once): https://calendar.google.com/…/basic.ics.

NB Every effort is made to get the information as accurate as possible, but please check the event’s webpage for details – the website is listed in each event’s description. If you would like your Edinburgh whisky events added to the calendar, please email us at: whisky@maltiply.org

Having trouble?   Useful tips are further down the page.     ..you can also view the calendar at any time or browse it below..



How to add to Google Calendar

Before we go through this example, the super-easy way to add this to your Google Calendar is by using the button at the bottom right of the calendar pane above.

Or… iCalendar files work with all major calendars, but the principle of adding them is much the same. The key thing is to import the URL of the .ics file and not download the file and import it that way. This means you get a constantly updating calendar rather than a static screenshot. [In Outlook 2013, you just go to your calendar and at the top: ‘Open Calendar’ then ‘From Internet…’]

Step One: Copy the link address

Edinburgh Whisky Calendar - How To #1


Step Two: In Google Calendar, go to ‘Other Calendars’ then ‘Add by URL’.

Edinburgh Whisky Calendar - How To #2


Step Three: Paste the link into the box and add the calendar.

Edinburgh Whisky Calendar - How To #3


How to import to an Android phone

All phones will be different, but similar principles will apply. This is how it’s done on an HTC phone, it should explain the general idea!

In your calendar app, go to the menu and find the option to choose which calendars to display. As your google calendar now contains an imported calendar too, expand the choices and make sure the Edinburgh Whisky Calendar is selected. NB You may need to refresh your calendar app (or turn off and on again) to see the Edinburgh Whisky Calendar in the options.

Edinburgh Whisky Calendar - Android How To